Give the gift of peace of mind this Mother’s Day


Mum’s have a lot on their plate already, without worrying about the likes of water leaks, house fires or break-in’s. Give Mum the gift of peace of mind this Mother’s Day, with Neos Smart Home technology.

The Neos SmartCam is equipped with motion and noise sensors, and sends alerts direct to your smartphone should anything unusual occur. The camera offers live Full HD streaming, that is accessible at any time via the Neos app, which is ideal for the family on the go. You can also hear what is happening and respond through the built-in microphone and speaker, so you can check in on the dog, too!


“We have a new puppy and for the first few weeks we struggled to understand how he was having accidents on the front room floor! For weeks we would get up to a puddle in the living room but with the door closed and stair gate up could not understand how this kept on happening. Then I looked back through the night to find out! Well we now know that our 7 year old son sleep walks!”


Toddler left the tap on again? Neos’ leak sensors can stop a puddle from becoming a big problem by catching it early. The sensor fits discreetly under sinks, washing machines and water tanks, and can detect as little as 3ml of water.

Little chefs burnt the toast? Neos’ smoke sensors can detect even the smallest amount of smoke, and alert you right away. It provides added protection to your home’s current smoke alarms and uses both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection.

Phone off? Battery dead? As well as setting up emergency contacts that will be phoned in the event of an emergency, Neos can also step in and help you fix things if no one is around.


“I love having the Neos camera inside my house because I can see when my teenagers get home from school, and the ability to look back through time means I know exactly what time they got home… a quick way to work out if they’ve been via the sweet shop!”


We believe that prevention is key but understand that sometimes you can’t prevent the bad things from happening – that’s why every Neos system is backed by comprehensive home insurance.