Smarter Home Insurance

The new way to actively protect your home from your phone.

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Smarter Home Insurance

Monitor your home, detect problems and get help to fix them.

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Smarter Home Insurance

The new way to actively protect your home from your phone.

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The new way to actively protect your home and family

Neos combines smart technology and 24/7 assistance with comprehensive home insurance.

No matter where you are in the world, you’re connected to home, giving you the confidence and comfort that Neos is looking after the place that matters most.

Now you can feel at home, even when you’re not.

Neos for the family 

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  • Home Alarm
    Home Alarm
  • Home Alarm
    Home Alarm
  • Get connected.
    Be protected.

    Protecting and staying connected to your home couldn’t be easier. If you’re heading out, one swipe activates your Neos security system to protect it from unwanted visitors. Your leak and smoke detectors are always on, ensuring your home is never left vulnerable to fires or leaks.

  • It’s good to know…

    Wherever you are, the home screen lets you know that everything’s ok, so you won’t arrive home to any unwanted surprises.

  • Be there, even when you’re not.

    When you can’t be home, it’s good to see who is.

    With your Neos indoor security camera, you’ll be able to see who’s coming and going – check in on the dog, make sure the kids are home safe or know when your cleaner is there. Rest assured, the only guests are welcome ones.

  • Your home’s device dashboard.

    Check on the status of your home at a glance and ensure everything’s as it should be.

  • Catch problems early.

    Don’t let a little drop become a flood or a spark turn into a flame. With the Neos App you’ll be alerted if there’s a small problem, so you can take action before it becomes a big one.

  • Your home is in-hand.

    The activity log lets you see what’s been happening in your home.

    Check when the kids got home from school or what time the dog walker arrived. See all the comings and goings of your home, all in one place.

  • Insurance at your finger tips.

    Only because we can’t prevent everything yet, Neos includes comprehensive insurance. With app-based insurance, it’s easy – there’s no rummaging in drawers or routing through email inboxes to find your policy docs.

    Plus, Neos offers a 3-year fixed price guarantee if you don’t make a claim, because we believe loyalty should be rewarded.

  • Help on-hand when you need it most.

    If you can’t respond to the Neos App alert, our 24/7 assistance team will contact you to check everything’s ok. If you’re not available, then they’ll get in touch with one of your named emergency contacts.** 

    Help is always on-hand via the Neos app – great for when you’re at work or on the go.

Smart technology
Indoor security camera


  • Keep an eye on home from anywhere in the world.
  • Access your secure live camera feed 24/7 and get notified if activity is detected whilst you’re out.
  • Full HD 1080p quality camera with night vision mode.

* Camera model may be subject to change dependent on date of purchase

Smart technology
Motion sensor


  • Detect motion and protect your home when you’re away.
  • Arm your Neos system via the app and get notified if an intruder is detected.
  • This state-of-art motion sensor is the smallest and most technologically advanced Z-Wave product available on the market.
Smart Technology
Leak sensor


  • Stop a puddle from becoming a major problem by catching it early.
  • Fits discreetly under sinks, washing machines, water tanks etc, detecting as little as 3ml of water.
  • Voted 2017’s Best Z-Wave Flood Sensor by CNet.
Smart Technology
Smoke sensor


  • Protect your home from fires by detecting even the smallest amount of smoke.
  • Provides added protection to your home’s current smoke alarms and uses both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection.
  • Equipped with two alarm types: a 100dB built-in siren and RGB visual indicators.
Smart Technology
Door / window sensor


  • Detect when your doors and windows open.
  • The smallest Z-Wave contact sensor on the market.
  • Tamper-protected and easily attached to any door or window.

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What you get with Neos:

Smart technology

Neos includes smart sensors and indoor security camera to actively protect your home.*

24/7 assistance

Phone off? Battery dead? We can take over and help you fix things in the event of an emergency.**

Home insurance

Should the worst happen, you've got comprehensive home insurance just in case.

* The amount and type of sensors you get with Neos depends on whether you choose our 'Good', 'Better' or 'Best' package.
**24/7 monitoring comes as standard with the Neos 'Best' package. Home emergency assistance is provided as standard with Neos 'Better' and 'Best' packages and can be purchased as an add-on for Neos 'Good' packages.