Five Tips on How Tech Can Help Keep Your Home Safe 

Last month was security month and we’ve taken advantage of it by locking down some top tech tips to keep your home safe and sound. We know that creating a safe and secure environment is a top priority for homeowners and with the average home having several security hazards that can be difficult to keep on top of, we’ve outlined five security hazard points in your home, and some top tips on how tech can help you prevent them: 


  1. Windows

Windows are a vulnerable part of any home. Something as simple as not closing your curtains gives criminals a clear view of your life and your possessions, so shutting your curtains when you are out can be key to preventing a burglary. Windows are also a potential entry point for criminals. Discreet smart window sensors can determine if a window has been broken or if your cat has just nudged the window open, triggering your smart home security systems and sending alerts directly to your smartphone. Intruders can also be detected through the Neos Smartcam motion detectors and HD camera, giving you clear footage of any potential intruders in your home.


  1. Doors

As with windows, doors are a key access point for intruders. Leaving doors unlocked furthers the risk and likelihood of burglars entering your home. To prevent criminals from gaining entry, it is crucial to keep doors locked at all times. However, if a criminal manages to enter your home, door sensors will send a notification to your phone and alert you the moment movement is detected.  A Neos Smartcam can also deter or catch intruders using the Full HD 1080p camera.


  1. Leaks

Leaks are often hidden, making them difficult to catch early on. When undetected, leaks can cause major damage and distress for any householders. As the second biggest driver of home insurance claims, it is important to identify the problem as quickly as possible. Leak detectors/sensors such as LeakBot can catch hidden leaks anywhere in your home.  Whether it’s a small hidden leak or a major high leak, Leakbot will notify you so you’re able to take the necessary measures to reduce any damage coming to your home. Sometimes smart technology can’t always prevent major leaks causing damage to your home. Here at Neos, we’ll arrange an approved expert plumber when a leak is detected they’ll find a repair any damage for a fixed fee of £99.00+Vat. 


  1. Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are used in most kitchens, however, due to the highly flammable nature of gas, they pose significant fire hazard risk. House fires can be devastating, thus detecting smoke and fire early on is key to protecting what matters most to you. Smart smoke sensors can detect even the smallest amount of smoke, and alert you right away. They provide an extra layer of added protection on top of your home’s current smoke alarms, using both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection.


  1. Quiet corners 

Maybe it’s patio doors at the back of the house that can’t be seen from the road or a side door out of view -quiet corners can make it easier for intruders to break into your home. Security cameras can make intruders think twice about breaking in. The Neos Smartcam can help you to keep an eye on the quiet corners, so every part of your home is safe. , with 14  days of cloud-based data storage – you’ll have access to potentially vital evidence should you need it. 


Hazards and safety risks are everywhere in your home and can happen unexpectedly. Not all security hazards are preventable but smart technology can help detect problems early on, and if the worst does happen, Neos also offer comprehensive smart home insurance  so you can feel confident that your home is in safe hands.