World Water Day 2019: Waste not, want not

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) s crystal clear; water for all by 2030.

World Water Day is all about raising awareness of the billions of people who are still living without safe water, and how we can work together to make this a thing of the past.

It is estimated that around 1 in 6 people do not have access to improved drinking water, and almost 1 in 2 people live in water-scare conditions. While water supply has remained consistent, demand has increased 6-fold in the last century alone.

Globally, more than 45 million cubic meters of water are lost through leakage per day costing utilities billions before it has even reached the consumer. In the UK alone, a staggering 3 billion litres of water is lost through leakage per day – that’s 1,200 Olympic sized swimming pools!

While the UK receives a relatively large amount of rainfall, there are limited methods for water storage, so the volume of water available per person is limited. In fact, the South East of England has less water available per person than the desert states of Syria and Sudan!

A lot of water can go to waste from seemingly small leaks.Water Intelligence calculated that a 3mm hole in a metal pipe at 40psi leaks 8,450 litres in 24hrs, and a pinhead can leak 1,363,750 litres in a year, which equates to around half of an Olympic sized swimming pool. A leaking toilet can waste around 350,000 litres in 30 days, and a dripping tap can waste as much as 680 litres a month.

So what can be done to prevent leaks and save water? Neos’ leak sensor can stop a puddle from becoming a major problem by catching it early. The sensor fits discreetly under sinks, washing machines and water tanks, and can detect as little as 3ml of water.

Do your bit for World Water Day by clamping down on household water waste – get in touch to find out more about Neos.