Women at Neos

International Women’s Day was one of the top trending topics on twitter in the whole of 2019. This year we’re joining the conversation by talking to the women at Neos. In the past year the number of women employees at Neos doubled, so they are involved in all aspects of the business from B2B to UX/UI, technical support to marketing.   

Smart Women in Tech

International Women's Day at Neos

Sonja, Account Manager, oversees Neos B2B partnerships with Dutch company ANWB. While also nurturing new business in Europe. She studied computer science, only briefly: “in the 90’s there were not many women studying Computer Science, I struggled to connect with my peers and ended up choosing a different subject”. In fact only 3% of women say a career in technology is their first choice according to the Women and Technology Study . And while women make up 51% of the world population today, just 5% of jobs in the technology industry are held by women. 

I'm the only girl in the Technical Support Team and that makes me really proud

“I’m the only girl on my team and that makes me really proud.” Jasmine, Technical Support. 

Before joining Neos, Jasmine works on getting her degree from the Open University whilst also in full time employment. She considers potential subjects: “I wanted to get into Computer Science and learn about technology… but I didn’t see any female inspiration when it came to that kind of stuff.” Unsurprisingly Jasmine – and Sonja before her – is in the majority. 78% of students can’t name a famous women working in technology the Women and Technology Study shows. 


Visibility matters

In Neos, I am the only one that does what I do, Olenka Gibbs Senior UX and UI designer

Visibility is so important, so leading by example is incredibly powerful. Many things can be done on an individual level, in any workplace like mentoring someone wanting to go into the field you work in. That’s a great way to encourage women to work in tech and “even things up a little” Olenka, Senior UX and UI Designer suggests. “In Neos, I am the only one that does what I do … people value and trust my judgement”. That level of responsibilities forces you to step up,she explains. “I feel very positive about the company and my role!” Neos isn’t the kind of workplace where people feel like a little cog in a big machine. It’s the kind of workplace that cultivates and upholds a culture of togetherness. “Valuing the myriad of benefits that come with a diverse and truly inclusive workplace.” Helen, Head of People & Culture.


Neos has a diverse workforce. French, Belgian, Dutch, Portuguese, South African, Polish, Australian and Beninese can all be found under one roof. And that’s only talking about female employees. But diversity isn’t just about ethnicity or gender. It’s about embracing individuality in the workplace – the seen and unseen. “How we [Neos] embrace these unique traits and differences to reinforce our culture of togetherness, is our differentiator.” “A truly diverse, inclusive and fair workplace is no longer a ‘nice to have’. But a necessity if you want to attract and retain the very best people.” Helen, Head of People & Culture.


“At Neos, we hire on the basis of skill & attitude” Helen, Head of People & Culture.

Positive Work Culture

“Returning to full time employment with a gap in your CV isn’t easy.” A challenge Julie faced, like many women who make the choice to care for their children full time before rejoining the workforce. “I am really grateful that Neos recognised my qualities” Julie, Head of Marketing. 

“At Neos, we hire on the basis of skill, attitude and culture-fit” Helen, Head of People & Culture explains. Helen is the driving force for promoting an inclusive work culture at Neos. She redefines modern HR practices – no longer just rolled out from the back of the office to hire and fire. Instead she focuses on culture development and employee experience creation. When asked about her favourite aspect of the job, Helen answers definitively “the level of impact that my role has at Neos.” She continues: “this position has given me a fabulous platform” which she uses to create an environment where all our people can flourish and feel valued.


Neos is the best workplace I've ever worked in

“This is the best work environment I’ve ever worked in!” Anais, Social Media Manager enthuses. Company initiatives really look after employees’ wellbeing, like subsidised mental health therapy. Mental Health is still a taboo subject in a lot of workplaces and there’s something empowering about being able to open up to colleagues and talk openly. Anais adds “I think Helen’s created a safe place for everyone at Neos.” Being an expert in your field is all the credibility you need. But it takes a special kind of company culture to give everyone the confidence to speak up.

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