The true price of Water Leaks in the UK

hidden damage from water leaks in the UK

1 in 3 people in the UK have had a leak in the past year alone, costing the nation a huge £13.6BN

Here at Neos we are all about helping people protect what matters most when it most matters. That’s why we provide SmartHome tech to help protect your home from most common domestic perils like burglaries and water-damage.true price of water leaks in the UK

Water leaks can present in many ways, from a leaky tap to a mystery damp patch on the wall. But whether it’s a tiny puddle or a flooded kitchen, there’s nothing worse than having to put your life on pause whilst you try to get it fixed. Running against the clock to get your home back and worrying about the price of leak repairs. Let’s uncover the true price of Water Leaks in the UK.

Hear that drip?

We know the value of preventing a small leak from turning into big problems. But we wanted to investigate further and find the true price of water leaks in UK homes. Our research found that one in three Brits (21.5 million people) have experienced a leak in the last year alone. The average leak costs £632.80 to repair. In total, leaks cost the nation an eye-watering £13.6 billion. That’s a hefty bill for the 44.77 million UK residents who experienced a leak in their home last year.

This research aims to raise awareness of the hidden damage that leaks from taps and pipes can cause. Many people don’t take precautions against this common threat. Only one in ten Brits have a leak detector in their home and 11% don’t have insurance! Because it is a hidden problem, people don’t think about it until it’s too late and the damage is done.

London, UK’s leak capital

Shockingly 81% of Londoners experienced a leak in their current or previous home. However, Scots are the most likely to have experienced a leak in the last year (38%). Homes in the South-West of the country were the most leak free. Nearly half of residents (41%) said they’ve never experienced a leak from a pipe or tap.

Interestingly, the data also revealed people living in council housing are less likely to experience a leak. 42% of those living in council houses experienced a leak, compared to 52% of homeowners and 55% of private renters.

London underground map how to dodge a water leak

The price of Water Leaks in the UK

Leak repairs forced Brits to cough up an average of £632.80 per incident (including costs covered by insurers or landlords). Although the research found that it can cost individuals up to £12,000 to repair the damage. Leak victims in Northern Ireland tend to pay the most (£724.40), while those in the East Midlands are most likely to nab a bargain, only paying £424.70 on average.

30% of those who had experienced a damaging leak had the cost completely covered by their insurance. Shockingly 24% of people ended up paying for all of the repairs themselves! Because they didn’t tell their insurer, perhaps because they didn’t understand their policy or feared being penalised.


Average cost of water leak repair

Matt Poll, Neos  co-founder and CEO, says, “Leaks in the home are an incident that many of us don’t think about until they happen. The data has proven, however, that they actually affect most of us. Try asking your friends and family about their experiences! You’ll be surprised at how many have suffered a damaging leak, and at a significant cost if they don’t have insurance.”

He continues, “While these findings are worrying, I hope they empower people to seek out solutions to actively protect their homes. With leak sensors, you will know straight away if a single drop of water is where it shouldn’t be, and be able to act before real damage is caused. There are also other simple steps you can take to protect your home, like not running water consuming devices, like washing machines and dishwashers, when you’re not home. Also consider switching off your water when you’re out for long periods.”

Neos has you covered

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