The Neos Family just got bigger

We’re thrilled to today announce the launch of our two brand new Smart Home kits, the Neos Smart Leak Sensor Kit and the Neos Smart Motion Kit. 

Here at Neos we believe in protecting the things that matter most to you. We want to empower customers with the tools they need to keep an eye on home from anywhere in the world and keep them safe. Two of the biggest threats to UK homes are burglaries and water damage. With 1 in 3 brits having experienced a leak within the past year, it’s easy to see why we couldn’t wait to launch the Leak and Motion kits to make your homes even smarter, and safer. 

We wanted to ensure we’re keeping to our values of keeping homes safe with new feature-rich products that offer countless ways to complement the Neos system and transform your home into a smarter place whilst still not breaking the bank. 

Both new Smart Motion and Leak Sensor Kits are positioned at a fraction of the industry leader without compromising on features. 


Neos Smart Motion Kit – Countless ways to capture motion

Make your home even smarter and safer with these easy-to-install Motion and Contact Sensors. From monitoring your windows and doors to simply keeping an eye on the cat-flap, this Smart Motion Kit has you covered.


Neos Smart Leak Kit – Catch drops before they turn into big problems

This great value, easy-to-install kit lets you cover up to three water points around your home and prevents any small water leaks turning into major damage. Plus, with built-in temperature and humidity sensors, you can monitor and maintain a healthy and comfortable climate in your home.

Thanks to all our users who have taken part into our Beta testing programme and have tried the new products to help us ensure the products are 100% ready to hit the market. Our Beta testers have given us their seal of approval with 85% of our beta testers saying the products made them feel their homes were safer. 8.2/10 testers would also recommend the sensors to a friend – We’re proud of that!

We will be selling the new Smart Kits on our eshop, you can purchase them here. Be quick, they’re selling fast. 

We can’t wait to see what you think of the new sensors, don’t forget to tag #CaughtOnNeos if you have something you want to share!