My sons first words captured forever

First wordsAs a business that connects our customers to their home and family, we love to hear how Neos is contributing to people’s lives. The most recent story that really made us smile was that of Stuart, who shared his adorable story with us of how the Neos camera enabled him to hear his son’s first words despite not being at home at the time.

Having heard about Neos through word of mouth from a colleague, he said “I was told that it was a great new insurance company that gives you technology to protect your home, and that the customer service was really great, which is rare for insurers – so I was keen to give it a go.”

Stuart is a teacher and has a pregnant wife at home, with him being out of the house for long periods of time he wanted a little more than just insurance. Taking a policy out with Neos that included an indoor security camera linked to his phone, meant that he can check in at home whenever he likes.

“I point my camera into the spare room, that way I can see into the back garden as well as the nursery, where my son Henry sleeps. I was really pleasantly surprised that the camera was really high definition, I wasn’t expecting it to be honest.”

One day, when Stuart was checking out the Neos app while on his lunch break, he pressed the play button enabling him to hear his wife talking to their baby, Henry. “Out of nowhere, as clear as day, I heard Henry say, ‘Daddies Car’. I couldn’t believe it. I called my wife in utter disbelief, in crystal clear audio I had just heard my sons first words!”

What an amazing thing to have been able to witness, despite being at work. Furthermore, later in the day Stuart was able to play the footage back with his wife so they could watch and listen to the exciting milestone in Henry’s life together.

“Not many Dads can be around all of the time, but it’s so nice to be able to check in and I’m really thankful that I was able to capture such an exciting milestone on my Neos camera.”