One year: 150,000 SmartCams

The start of the year marked the first anniversary of our little camera with a lot of talent. One year, 150,000 SmartCams sold. Plenty of reasons to celebrate! So now we’re taking the opportunity to look back at 2019 in numbers. Because if we’ve learned anything, it’s that data story-telling can really show the bigger picture!

173,787 users

There are currently 173,787 users registered on the Neos apps*. That’s more than the population of Oxford!

The population of Oxford was estimated at 154,600 in 2017.


*Based on numbers of primary users + any profile in their household


1.7 check-ins a day

The average user opens their Neos app 1.7 times a day to see what’s happening at home. Hopefully capturing a fun clip of what’s going on at home, or a mischievous pet to make you chuckle!

Which could make up for 1/4 of your daily laughter! 



6,047 leak events detected

Preventative Smart Home tech has been at the heart of Neos long before the SmartCam. As part of our broader Smart Home Insurance offering, we have been supplying customers with leak detection devices. Thus enabling them to spot a leak and prevent it from turning into a bigger problem. In 2019 our app recorded 6,047 leak events. Spotting these early potentially saved a whopping 544,230 litres of water. Enough to fill a swimming pool!


Most common leaks drip at an average rate of 10 drips per minute. That’s 3 litres a day, which would lead to 90 litres of water wasted if left unnoticed/untreated for a month. That’s more than enough to fill your bathtub.



1.78 Million

On its busiest day, our App detected 1,780,245 motion events, triggering as many clips. Times that by 12 seconds per clip, it would amount to a total of 5,934 hours. That’s the equivalent of binge watching every program available on BBC iplayer (5,100 hours)

To give you a better idea: it would take 247 days to watch every piece of footage… if you were watching non-stop! And that’s not even taking into account Neos Boost users who benefit from 1min long clips.



Let’s see what story the figures tell us in 2020.