Neos’ Social Media is Evolving


Neos was born from the idea to provide people with a positive experience through combining insurance with preventive tech. We launched our Neos SmartCam as a stand-alone product to bring affordable, high quality tech to everyone.

We’re really proud to empower a growing community by helping users look after what matters most. So many of you rave about our little camera, our community’s growing faster than we could ever have imagined and we’re so thankful to all our customers and SmartCam users! Neos as a business continues to grow and we feel it is time to bring all of our community together to share all the ways we can help look after your home.


What are we doing?

To provide customers with the best experience possible we are going to make the following changes:

Our Neos and Neos SmartCam social media channels will be merged and we will have only one Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube page. Someway down the line we also plan to merge our two websites and to be combined into one site for all our users.


💌 You can keep in touch with us at:

Facebook – @NeosSmartHome – This is probably the best place to get in touch with us, our Social Media team never leaves a DM unanswered. This will be our go-to page on Facebook for all our insurance  customers and SmartCam users.

Twitter – @getneos – Join our most engaged community and share thoughts or footage with #CaughtOnNeos. (This account will be changing its name to @NeosSmartHome, but that’s just for us to worry about)

YouTube – Neos SmartHome –  Find all of our how-to guides and helpful tips to make the most of your Neos SmartCam, plus brand videos and more.

Instagram – @neossmarthome – In case you didn’t know, you can share Neos SmartCam footage to Instagram straight from your Neos App. Give it a try! We love to see what our users have #CaughtOnNeos


All other pages will be closing down, including:

Facebook –

Twitter – @NeosSmartHome (so we can transfer the name to our other account)

YouTube – Neos

Instagram – Neos Ventures


Why we are doing this?

At Neos we’re really proud of all we have achieved in both the Home Insurance and the SmartHome technology markets. We’ve won awards for our innovative Connected Home Insurance, pairing SmartHome technology such as cameras, leak detectors and smart batteries for your smoke alarm with comprehensive insurance cover. We’ve also won awards for our Neos SmartCam as a stand-alone product too. We love technology and are so pleased to be able to bring current and relevant technology to our customers at an exceptional price without compromising on quality and functionality.

At present both of our businesses are under the Neos name but separate in terms of website and social channels. This means we need to split our resources between two groups of customers, those that have the tech and their insurance with us as well as those that just have the tech. We believe that by combining our sites and social channels we can offer better customer services, faster responses and an all-around better experience for our customers.


When is this happening?

 As we’ve already announced on social media, the switch to the single accounts will take place on Monday 2nd September 2019.

Our websites will be merged by the end of the year and we will share more on this at a later date.


What do you need to do?

 To ensure you’re kept up-to-date with all the latest news and happenings at Neos, make sure you are following us here and we’ll take care of the rest.

👉  Facebook – @NeosSmartHome

👉  Twitter – @getneos

👉  YouTube – Neos SmartHome

👉  Instagram – @neossmarthome

We ❤️ social! And it’s so important to us that our customers can instantly get in touch at a tap of a 💬 through our in-app chat or one of our social channels. That’s why we’re going through these changes to make all of our communications even better! Speak soon 👋