About Neos

We wanted a better way to insure your home, so we designed it ourselves. We had a vision of a different kind of insurance service – simple, helpful, human and putting you in control. We help protect the things that matter in life and when the unexpected happens we help manage it too - Surely that’s what insurance should be all about?

We believe people matter

People first, and everything else (technology, insurance, data…) second. This is a people business. Designed to help care for the things that are important to you. We define help as being real, making things easy and working at speed when it matters. We try (we are human too) to make things human proof, but we always keep you in charge. You are not replaceable.

We believe technology can help

We love technology and believe it is a game changer to help you protect what matters. We are devoted to finding the best solutions. Solutions which create a virtual circle around everything; a circle of connection and communication. Simple and effortless to use. Technology which puts you in control.

We believe insurance can do good

At the start it did. The industry was built on the desire to help communities by pulling together. Over time this force for good has eroded. Now there is little trust from customers. People believe it is motivated by one thing – money. There has to be a better way. We want to go back to first principles.