Meet our smart home security devices

As part of our smarter home insurance policy, we’ve handpicked a range of wireless smart home sensors, which act as a first-line of defence for your home against fires, leaks and break-ins. With Neos, you get a selection of the latest smart technology to actively protect your home and detect problems, plus 24/7 emergency assistance to fix issues and comprehensive home insurance cover just in case.

Dependent on which package you choose, you can receive up to nine wireless smart home sensors – all at no extra cost as part of your policy. Our ‘Good’ package includes one wireless HD 1080p indoor security camera with night vision mode. Our ‘Better’ package includes one motion sensor, one door/window sensor, one smoke sensor, one wireless HD 1080p indoor security camera with night vision mode, one smart plug, and two water leak sensors. Our ‘Best’ package includes two of every sensor (leak, motion, door/window and smoke) for added protection, one smart plug and one indoor wireless camera.

Here’s a closer look at each of the smart home sensors, which we provide with your policy.

Wireless indoor camera

With our ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ packages, you’ll receive an indoor wireless camera with Full HD 1080p video quality to help detect break-ins and unwanted intruders. Log into the camera via the Neos App from anywhere in the world (providing you have an internet connection), and check everything’s ok at home.

If you arm the camera via the Neos app and it detects motion, we’ll ping you an alert and prompt you to take an action, such as contacting a friend or relative who has a spare key or contacting the emergency services. You can stream live video and audio to your phone, and playback up to 3 days of video from the cloud. The camera has automatic infrared night vision and can be easily wall mounted or left free standing. Actual model received may vary depending on your policy start date.



Motion sensor

If you think that home security devices are unsightly and involve lots of cables, then think again. This wireless motion sensor is incredibly stylish and understated in its design.It’s only 44mm in diameter and resembles a kind of cute Pixar-style eye, which makes a small multi coloured flash when it detects motion.

The motion sensors and indoor camera work as a team to cleverly catch intruders and alert you quicker in the event of a break in.

When your system is armed, we trigger an alert to your phone if a motion sensor detects motion, and motion is also detected on wireless camera too.  The motion sensor comes with a small matching stand that allows it to be mounted in the corners of walls or be placed on a cabinet or table. It is fully battery operated, with each battery lasting around two years. We provide you with replacement batteries at no extra cost and the Neos app will alert you when the battery is near to needing replacement.


Leak detector

Almost £2.5 million of damage is caused every day to homes in the UK by water leaks and floods. We hope to reduce this figure by providing our customers with two Fibaro smart water leak detectors, designed to catch drips before they cause serious damage.

These devices, which have been designed to look like a water droplet, are very clever indeed. Place them on the floor in places more inclined to experience water leaks (under sinks, near bathtubs and so on). The Fibaro Flood Sensor has three ultra-sensitive, gold-plated probes. Gold plating prevents the probes from corroding and provides precise liquid detection. When as little as 3 ml of water pools under the leak detector, hitting the three gold probes, a leak alert will be triggered, setting the internal siren off and also notifying you with a notification in the  Neos app.

The sooner you can catch a leak, the less likely it is to cause major damage that can lead to you having to replace floors, carpets, wallpaper, ceilings and all your favourite furniture.

A single battery powers this powerful little leak detector for up to two and a half years. It also has a tamper prevention mechanism as well as an alarm siren. If you’re in the house, this will alert you that a leak has been detected.


Smoke detector

Not all smoke detectors are ugly, dust-gathering boxes wired to the ceiling. The Fibaro smoke detector breaks the mould with its minimalistic design, small form factor and polished grille.The grille lets in even the smallest amount of smoke, allowing for quicker reaction.

Some materials burn without smoking. That’s why this smoke sensor also has a built-in temperature sensor. It can detect rapid temperature change caused by fire, not just smoke. A rise in temperature up to 54oC will trigger a notification to the Neos app and let you take action. The smoke alarm is battery operated and its battery will last up to three years.


Door and window sensors

The Z-Wave Fibaro window and door sensors monitor when windows or doors in your home are opened. You get 2 sensors as part of your Neos kit and these can be used either on windows or doors. These should be armed when you leave your home so that you can get alerts if there’s anyone coming in or out that shouldn’t be. These devices measure just 76mm x 17mm x 19mm and are also battery powered.

Which devices will we add in future?

We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline that our lips are sealed about right now. We are all about using technology to make your home safer both when you’re there and when you’re off enjoying yourself. We don’t believe in adding tech for tech’s sake, so you won’t see any selfie toasters or smart toilet seats joining the Neos family of devices in the near future (we are quite tempted to buy one for the office though).

The devices that we choose to integrate with and offer as part of the Neos package are based around preventing the three main causes of grief to UK homeowners, which are floods, break-ins and leaks. Water, in particular, causes £2.5 million pounds worth of damage to UK homes each day. We’re dedicated to seeing if we can stop drips becoming real damage. In the months to come, we’ll reveal some innovative tech that’s helping us realise this ambition.

In the meantime, if you have a suggestion of a tech device you’d like to see us develop or offer, let us know by emailing