Meet LeakBot, the new member of the family.

We’re really pleased to announce our most recent partnership with the team at Homeserve Labs. This partnership will see Neos adding Leakbot, a multi-award-winning leak detection device to our smart-home package. As with all devices in the Neos range, it will be provided as part of our Smart Home Insurance, saving customers money on the upfront cost whilst improving protection.

Why leakbot?

LeakBot can help protect against water damage and leaks in the home, which are the second biggest driver of home insurance claims. A leak in the home can cause major disruption and distress for householders, especially as leaks are often hidden with water escaping slowly over a long period of time meaning homeowners often aren’t aware there is an issue until it is too late.   

Leakbot is a smart leak sensor that detects leaks anywhere on the mains water system. The patented Thermi-Q© technology accurately measures both the air and water temperatures in the home. So if you have a leak, LeakBot will sense the prolonged and consistent drop in temperature and alert you so the necessary measures can be taken to reduce any damage coming to your home.

The LeakBot device will be fully integrated to the Neos app which will allow customers to check the status of their home and receive alerts the moment LeakBot has spotted any unusual activity within the water mains.

Matt Poll, CEO & co-founder, Neos said:

“Escape of water can be a devastating incident for any homeowner but smart technology is helping people catch issues early before they cause major damage. Partnering with HomeServe Labs is a key part of our ambition to deliver the next generation of smart insurance to customers and with additions like LeakBot in our offering, we’ll be able to help our customers detect even more incidents before they become disasters.”

Craig Foster, CEO, HomeServe Labs, said:

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Neos as the latest insurer to offer LeakBot to its customers. LeakBot is a leader in the space for preventing unnecessary escape of water claims and is the right fit for Neos which chooses the best of breed solutions to mitigate risks for its customers. We are looking forward to seeing these benefits materialise in the time ahead and contribute to our mutual success.”


We will be releasing more information on when LeakBot will be available to customers very soon, so stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter.