Introducing Neos Boost

Supercharge your app with Neos Boost

Earlier this year, we conducted some customer research to find out what you really wanted. By far the most requested feature was longer clips and less downtime which has been confirmed in our recent social poll. We’re proud to be able to share more information about  Neos Boost, our optional extra service for customers who would like the boosted Neos experience.

We’d love nothing more than to say we can deliver these new added features for free but between development costs, maintenance and additional storage on our servers, this will be available as a paid-for service of just £2.49 a month and covers up to 3 SmartCams. We’re always aiming to be fair and only provide customers with the products they really want. So, we’re offering the first 30 days free to all our customers, giving everyone a chance to explore the new additional features and see if Neos Boost is right for you. And if not, you’ll still have access to all of the great features that you received when you joined us.


Neos Boost includes: 

Extended Clip Recording: Capture more of what matters with video footage recording, upgraded from 12 seconds to 1 minute. Neos Boost also cuts downtime between clips from 5 minutes to just 1 minute. Providing up to 12 hours of Cloud storage each day (up from 1 hour per day).

Activity Zones: Select specific areas to monitor, such as windows, doors, or the baby’s cot, so you don’t get a notification every time the dog makes a guest appearance! 

Security Scheduling: Monitor when it’s needed most; set your own schedule to arm and disarm your Neos SmartCam whether you’re at home or away.


What’s included with Neos Boost 


We’d like to thank all of our customers who’ve given us feedback during the development of Boost and we want to take this opportunity to address some of the comments and queries we’ve received so far. 


  • The subscription to Neos Boost is not compulsory and current SmartCam features will continue to come as standard with the camera (including customer service directly from your app)
  • Our standard Neos Smartcam is one of the best quality and best value on the market.  We aim to provide our technology at the lowest possible price. However, to develop further features, such as Cloud storage, extended clip recording and security scheduling, there are additional costs that need to be covered if we are to make these features available to customers. We’re still committed to bringing best value in category to the market.
  • Our promise to deliver best value smart home technology that anyone can afford will always be our priority and we want to continue enhancing your lifestyle with technology in the smartest possible ways for a great price
  • We will still continue to deliver new standard SmartCam features at no extra cost, just as we have introduced the Alexa skill and clip navigation.


We look forward to launching Neos Boost. Keep an eye out for more information in app.

For more information about the Neos Boost upgrade, click here.