How home CCTV can tackle surge in burglaries


Recent stats from the Daily Telegraph claim that home burglaries have soared to new highs in recent months after years of steady decline. In 2017 there were over 400,000 burglaries and around half were inside of UK homes.

Due to this huge increase, the number of burglary cases left unsolved has risen by 17% (from 47 to 64%) in just two years. As theft crime levels rise, police have stopped routinely attending burglaries and instead deal with victims on the phone. Around two-thirds of burglaries are not being fully investigated by police and the main reason for this is the lack of forensic and CCTV evidence.

Scotland Yard has recently announced that they will no longer be responding to low-level crimes like burglary if the suspect couldn’t be identified easily.

For the first time in over a decade, less than 6% of burglaries cases resulted in a prosecution, even when a full investigation was opened. That’s 127,617 individual cases where no suspect has been identified in the UK alone!

Diana Fawcett, from the charity Victim Support, said: “Burglary not only robs victims of their physical possessions – it can also rob people of their sense of security at home, a place where everyone should feel most safe.”

So how can Neos help?

We believe in protecting what matters when it most matters. That is why every Neos policy includes a Full HD 1080p indoor security camera. You can get a real-time view of your property day or night, from anywhere via the Neos app.

Neos also includes 3 days of cloud-based data storage – giving you access to potentially vital evidence should you need it.