Getting a glimpse of the (not so) secret life of your pets

The huge popularity of the Secret Life of Pets movies shows just how much UK pet owners love to imagine what their pets are getting up to when they’re not around. We are a nation of animal lovers, with almost half of all UK adults owning a pet. In fact, according to the PDSA – there are 11 million pet cats and almost 9 million pet dogs in the UK, that’s over twice the number of people living in London!

Our pets are beloved members of our families, so it’s not surprising that we don’t want to miss a moment of their lives. In fact, plenty of our customers love to use their Neos SmartCams to keep an eye on their furry friends.

Don’t miss a moment
Together, the SmartCam and Neos app ensure that you can keep an eye on your pets from your smartphone, so that you don’t miss any precious (or hilarious) moments in your pet’s life – whether it’s a secret romance with the Pomeranian from down the hall, or an ongoing rivalry with the local cat population.

Catching your pets in the act
Almost every pet owner has had the experience of coming home to find that their beloved furry friend has been up to mischief while they are away – whether that’s eating the post, or using the side of the sofa to sharpen their claws. It might be unlikely that you’ll learn that your dog has secret Kung Fu moves, like Gidget from The Secret Life of Pets, but you might be able to solve the mystery of which one of your pets has been ruining the curtains!

“I have the camera set up in the kitchen so I could spy on the dogs when im at work. I have two West Highland Terriers Harry & Bella and for the last 6 years I have always thought Bella was a little rascal, I would come home to find washing scattered over the floor and the dog bed tipped upside down. Harry is a quiet dog and Bella seems to be full of beans. HOWEVER I opened up the app and had a look at the camera and to my surprise Harry is dragging the washing basket along the kitchen floor he then proceeds to pull the cover off the dog bed (with Bella still lying on it) and then tips over his bowl of water 🙈. Thanks to the camera I have learnt ALOT about my little doggies”

Peace of mind
Even with friends and family checking in on your pets while you’re away, it can be daunting leaving your pets behind for any length of time. The Neos SmartCam can give you peace of mind that your pet is safe and sound, giving you one less thing to worry about.