4.1m Brits work extra day per week caring for elderly

With the population aging and the cost of care rising, more and more people are feeling the pressure when it comes to caring for elderly loved ones.

Our exclusive research has highlighted that carers visit on average seven times every week to care for their elderly relative. Over half are also holding down a full-time job and 57% also have their own children living at home.

80% of carers would like to do more but work pressure, family commitments and distance are the main reasons preventing them from spending more time with elderly relatives. While over half of carers have family members to offer support, it’s not hard to see why carers have to look beyond their family for help. Around half of those surveyed look to friends, neighbours, and professionals to lend a hand.

The research uncovered that there is also financial implication associated and these could run into thousands of pounds due to lost earnings or travel expenses. Around 10% are considering professional support in the future although for 20% of carers this option feels out of reach financially.

The main concern that carers have for their elderly loved one is their physical safety and this is no surprise as 51% of carers say there has been an accident in their elderly relatives home that could have put them or the property at risk. Nearly a third of these accidents were as a result of a fire, leak or break-in.

So how can Neos and smart home technology help?

A range of early warning devices can be installed into a loved ones home for a system that’s active 24/7. So for the times that you just can’t be there, Neos can, giving you instant peace of mind. Sensors such as smoke, motion, leak and even security cameras can be placed into homes. If any threats are detected an instant alert will be sent to all users linked to the account. For complete protection, Neos is backed by comprehensive home insurance and 24/7 assistance.

Emergency contacts can also be added to the account*. These are family or friends that do not have any access to the home’s activity but will be contacted by us, should the users not respond to an alert.

We believe that smart home technology is for the every day, not just the emergencies. Get instant reassurance by accessing your Neos app. Has there been expected movement within the home? Were doors and windows shut after being opened? All Neos packages also come with an HD indoor security camera that can be placed wherever is comfortable, accessed straight from the app.

If you think that Neos could help in your family and have some questions, just get in touch. 

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*Available on our “better” and “best” packages.