5 tips to prepare for your late summer break

suitcase_blogWith sunny days extending further into the year, late holidays are looking more attractive than ever! The most flexible of us can even afford the luxury of leaving planning until the last minute. Here are five tips to help you get organised for your holiday or weekend getaway:


  1. Check the weather 

It’s still summer but that doesn’t guarantee blazing sunshine and a warm breeze. There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain in your summer dress or shorts and flip-flops. Even worse when you find yourself an hour away from your accommodation with no umbrella, rain jacket and no wet-weather clothing shop nearby to kit yourself out! Check the weather ahead of your travel to avoid being ‘that person’ caught in the wrong clothes. 


  1. Keep an eye on your home 

We know what it’s like heading out for a long weekend or holiday. All the excitement in the build up followed by a niggle when you walk out the door – ‘did I switch the oven off?’,  ‘Is the back window open?’ – there’s nothing more stressful than envisioning yourself coming home to a disaster you didn’t know had happened. Neos allows summer travellers to keep an eye on home wherever you are from your smartphone. This gives you the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ll be alerted straight away. Being able to check on your home at all times will allow you to truly relax – you deserve it!


  1. Pack in advance 

No matter how many lists we make, there’s always something we forget! It’s usually 10 miles down the road in your car, or stepping onto your train that you remember the shampoo and conditioner, still in the shower, or phone charger plugged in where you left it by the bedside table. 


Here are 4 essentials to put at the top of your list:

    1. Passport/ID and if you’re getting around by car, your driver’s licence:
      You’re not going anywhere without these so put them at the top of your list and not left behind in your coat pocket from the day before!
    2. Mobile phone:
      A few years ago going travelling meant being organised with printed tickets, and a folder of accommodation invoices, printed insurance numbers and more. Nowadays, that’s not necessary – phew –  our smartphones have replaced the paperwork and all our important documents only a touch away. 
    3. Phone charger:
      It’s unlikely you’ll forget your phone, it is more likely you’ll forget the charge! Don’t be left stranded without directions to your accommodation or commms with your travel buddies because your phone hit the 5% all too quickly.
    4. Toothbrush and toothpaste:
      The key to feeling fresh and yet two of the most frequently forgotten items – 8% of travellers forget to pack a toothbrush and 7% leave toothpaste behind


  1. Check-in, check-in, check-in 

If you’re flying somewhere, getting there on time is essential but a delayed train or a snoozed alarm can get in the way. You can save yourself some time by checking-in in advance. While this will help save a bit of time, be aware of sleeping past the alarm and missing your flight completely! Don’t kick yourself because you mixed up AM for PM, and if you have a bad habit of snoozing your alarm put it far away from your bed so you have to get up to get to it.  


  1. Home insurance 

While you may have left the house in ship shape, things can always go wrong while you’re away, so it’s not worth the risk of not having home insurance. 

Recent research showed that nearly a quarter of UK homes have no home insurance, with London had 45% of homes without cover – the highest risk recorded in the study. With the average UK household owning £35,000 of stuff – having no insurance puts you at high risk and making sure you’re covered if something goes wrong is a no-brainer.